Owen Hargreaves and I … Official SWFC.co.uk World Cup blog …

Here’s is the blog that allowed me to become the official SWFC.co.uk blogger for this summer’s world cup in South Africa … I will follow it up shortly with my first proper world cup blog just 4 days before the excitement begins … it shall be a glorious summer …

I know this is supposed to be a humorous blog however my entry is laced with sadness … it was a hot a summers day; the 1st of July if you wish me to be precise. The location was an well-known Australian themed pub in Derby, in the East Midlands, neither here nor there in the United Kingdom. Penalties. The dreaded “P”-word. Rooney was gone; as too was all hope of seeing the semi-finals, perhaps for what felt like my life time, this was our chance, 2006, the golden boys, led by Golden Balls himself. Christiano Ronaldo with one fell wink had done his damage. Lampard: Miss. Hargreaves: Scores, many wouldn’t have even taken him to Germany. Gerrard and Carragher: both Miss, you can guarantee they’d have put it through the net if they had been wearing red!! Then Ronaldo twists the knife, no-one thought he’d be welcomed back to Manchester again (but who would have predicted the best season of his career?!) So there I am stood by the market square fountain in the middle of Derby of all places. And all the passers-by say something to the affect of “good penalty mate” and/or “at least you scored your penalty mate!” I don’t know what was more depressing … England out of the World Cup; or that all of these drunken people in the middle of Derby thought I was Owen Hargreaves … and that I was their mate!


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