Summer gigs kick off in Leicester … how did I do?

So, I played my first two proper gigs in almost two years over the last week, and how did they go? Pretty well I thought. Great to be on a stage again with folk lookin’ at yer. And the occassional compliment on the voice is very nice, it’s a while since it’s been praised so much, I’d almost forgotten I could sing. But sing I did at two fairly intimate shows in my new home city of Leciester …

Played at the Shed on Thursday night, somewhere I’d never had the pleasure of playing in my Censored days, the spiritual birthplace of a little band called Kasabian and playing alongside a great new band called Silent Signals (look out for them, they’ve got two beautiful female vocalists and a band of very talented musos, ambient pop/rock that will have you vibrating with pleasure (I could be a music journo!)) My set was almost like a concerto in two parts (not to grandiose sounding I hope!) … with the first half being soulful jazzy pop numbers including three brand new songs and a bit of Frank Sinatra thrown in for good measure … That’s Life, that’s what all the people say …

And then the second half of the show at the Shed I got back to doing what I used to do … bluesy stuff, singing for the testicles up through the stomach and the chest and then raucous through the throat … a medley based around “You Need Love” by Willie Dxon and Muddy Waters … then I’m sure old Censored fans will be pleased to hear I played In The Presence of the Lord upon request (yeah, that’s right, people actually requeting old stuff, it’s only a matter of time before i’m forced to play Your Eyes Are Made of Gold) … and then a couple more raucous bluesy ones to close, but i’m not going to give the game away …

And then the followig days it was an outdoor afternoon affair bookended by a couple of original tunes (including Bon Nuit Madame (Goodnight My Lady) being aired at long last in song form) and some Beatles, Ben E. King and a little Martha Reeves & The Vandellas thrown in …

Peace Love and eternal sunshine to you all,
Thanks for reading,
Matt Henshaw x

PS. Be sure to vote for Matt Henshaw the “New school old-time b-boy” on the LoveBox NME vote thingey …
PPS. buy the album on bandcamp, I need the cash, I want to see Europer over the summer … Munich, Amsterdam, Paris and Prague … every little helps ..


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