One down many more to go … Official World Cup blog …

So have we had a good start to the World Cup ??? Vuvuzelas giving you a head ache?? Maradona’s adulation too much so early on??? England’s chances???? What happened to Spain????

There you go, I’ve pretty much summed it up in that paragraph. There’s not that much happened so far. Besides a few select teams / games the goal count has been depressingly low, and the soul shakin football not to be found in too many places.

So, my favourite Spain faulter at the first hurdle and my outside bet, Cote d’ivoire don’t look as deadly as I thought they would against Portugal, who I still predict will go out at the close of the group stage.

The USA game then? I watched too horrified as Robert Green, still in my opinion the safest pair of hands in the England goal (how’s that for a statement?) spilled the ball into our goal. Too distressed!!! In my nightmares it was Ledley King making the mistake … get Barry in for the Algeria game … here’s hoping to three points against the North African boys …

Vote for me to play at LoveBox this year … … New Kula Shaker single … catch me with them at Mogadishu festival in July …

Matt Henshaw x


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