Finally, an enjoyable run of games … Official World Cup blog …

First of all, I’d like to apologise for not blogging anything following England’s poor poor game on Friday … I couldn’t bring myself to say anything, and I’m sure all I would have said has been said and million and one other times by a million and one bloggers in a thousand other languages. Where was Joe Cole?
Anyways, on a World Cup positive I’d just like to say how much I’ve enjoyed the last 24 hours of football. Finally some excitement, and goals goals goals. Even if it is bloomin’ Portugal !!! Brazil vs. cote d’ivoire was a proper World Cup match-up and plenty of talking points to boot. The Kaka decision has to be overturned, I don’t care if it was a second yellow or whatever, you can’t bring the game into disrepute like that, and echoes of Rivlado doing a similar thing against Turkey brings the venom back, and the anti-Football naysayers to the fore. Get back, football = a glorious game. As proved when played excellently by Portugal against what some may say were inferior opposition. I say I like the Korean tykes, and have been impressed with some of their football, however, they were batted aside with some aplomb by one of Western Europe’s finest.
And Chile – Switzerland was good quality fast paced affair with some interesting refereeing decisions, some of the reffing in this tournament has reminded me of a game in the USA ’94 World Cup when two players were sent off for kicking the ball out, Mexico vs. Bulgaria I think it was …
So, Spain to look forward to watching tonight, let’s hope for another decent game … and let’s see how the Spaniards respond to their opening day loss … better than the boys with three lions on their shirts no doubt …
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