3 shows in 1 day … that’s rock’n’roll mister …

This is the first live snap of Matt Henshaw and ReggiiMental playing for a live audience …

This shot is taken from the second of three shows performed on the 19th June 2010 … the first show was on Derby Market Square in the outdoor sunshine as part of Fuse Festival in the name of Love Music Hate Racism … a worthy cause I’m sure you’d agree and something close to the heart of The Deepest Cellar sessions … the second show that day was live at the Derby Assembly Rooms as part of the same festival … great to see some old Censored fans there praising the new songs … The Deepest Cellar, Can’t Hold Back and Adidas Trainers going down like gems …

The third show of the day was in the evening … and a swift car journey down to leafy Oxfordshire and some much needed nutritional snacks for Mukka Fest and a very good gathering indeed … like-minded people just looking for a good time and good music … and good music was provided … great to share a stage with the Unfriendly Neighbours boys … something that will be happening more and more in the future I’m sure … dropping what he had earlier it went down a real good reat um … plus we through in a little Far Away for the reggae – soul set that worked out in such a way plus a little Grown Ups …

Vote for me to play at LoveBox 2010 if you would be so kind, thank you very much, it only takes a second …

And treat yourself to a FREE DOWNLOAD of the Adidas Trainers (Stan Smith remix) …


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