Au revoir les Francais … the dread of tomorrow … Official World Cup blog …

Enjoyed this afternoon’s footyball … watching the French desperately try to not be embarrassed at the first hurdle, but embarrassed they were, at the hands of South Africa, who in turn with feel a pinch of disatisfaction at being the first host nation to exit at the group stage. However, RSA will be pleased to have beaten the former world champions, quite convincingly it has to be said, and they have been overshadowed by the two teams from the Americas in the groups, as all the teams in this tournament seem to be playing in the shadow of the latino sides … currently sat watching Maradona’s Argentina side cruise into the second round, spare a thought for the poor lad with the job of man marking Lionel Messi and the surname too long to fit on the back of his shirt … his father will be upset, and he’s likely to end up with a booking at least by the end of the game if not more …
It would not surprise me if Nigeria sneak through this group, at the behest of Greece!

So, what about the English boys and tomorrow’s match up against Slovenia? The news so far that Upson, Milner and Defoe are the names on the team sheet for the game aren’t exactly setting my heart alight with the confidence that the game will be anything more than a struggle … Joe Cole must start, and if he doesn’t make an appearance within the hour some serious question must be asked of Don Fabio … is there any other closet Sven fans out there?? Which England player of the past would you recall to make sure we qualify for the second stage? Chris Waddle and a crash diet for me, a player than CAN run with the ball and cross, and take free-kicks, and better hair than Valderama … all these young wingers aren’t worth their weight in salt when compared to the Newcastle / Tottenham / Marseille / Wednesday legend. Walcott, Lennon and SWP…

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6 thoughts on “Au revoir les Francais … the dread of tomorrow … Official World Cup blog …

  1. Hahahaha… I’d pick even a Waddle with pie in hand over the current wingers. I can’t believe Cole isn’t playing?! Where is the penetration? Where’s the flair? Where’s… the hope?

    Anderton, Waddle (hey, I’m an Owls fan), Macmanaman… bring one of them back! Quickly!


  2. You must have great memories of Euro 96 like me my friend … Wednesday finishing above Arsenal in the Prem for the last time (probably ever) and El Tel’s England team showing the dutch just how total football is played … good times good times …


  3. But the sad thing is … I think it was Graham Taylor who had more Wednesday players in his England squads than any other manager and then didn’t even get to the World Cup … woops !!! (although he did drop Waddle and Lineker, what a loser!!)


  4. Ah, the Turnip… Well he did pick Woods, Palmer and even Hirst if memory serves me well. Although signing Sinton kinda ended his international career and Des… well, a fantastic servant over the years, just aged and eventually faded away.

    Great memories of some great games and a fantastic team. Woods; Nilsson, Anderson, Warhurst, Worthington; Waddle, Sheridan, Palmer, Harkes; Hirst, Bright. Not to mentions Pearson, Bart-Williams and co… *sigh*


  5. Just reading that list of names brings a tear to my eye … the Bart-Man, why did we sell him?? Some very dubious managerial decisions made from ’94 onwards it has to be said … in -Ingesson, Rudi, Sibon, Trustful … Out – Taylor, Bart-Williams, Pembridge … I think English football would have panned out very differently if we’d have managed to win just one of those cup finals in ’93 … greedy gooners !!!

    Aren’t we just pathetic harking on about the past! Although this coming season and trips to Meadow Lane, The County Ground and Griffin Park doesn’t fill me with pleasure …


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