There we have it … England through, do the do … Official World Cup blog …

Round 1 down … but is there anyone else like me still a little disappointed that the last 20 minutes were an exercise in keep-ball rather than entertainment … I’m as pleased as the next English born fella that we’ve made it by the skin of our teeth but I wouldn’t mind a little flair for my money … bringing on a cumbersome chap like Heskey to hold the ball up (which he does well by the way) and using someone with the skill and finesse like Joe Cole to keep the ball in the corner when I believe we should be putting in the second and third in the 70th to 90th minutes of the game … or am I just an unsatisfiable England fan … I’d probably complain if we won it because they scored an own goal … although that would be nice if it was someone annoying like Puyol …

So, what can we take from the game? Milner played well after giving the ball away every time he had it in the first 15 minute … as did Upson (who I had nightmares about messing up against USA) … Is Rooney still looking haggered by injury woes? But Lampard and Gerrard looked good, finally, would have been nice to see either of them score but as Mick n Keef sang, “you can’t always get what you want” … maybe that should be an England World Cup song along with Three Lions … it seems a fitting epitaph for the last 100 years of World Cup woe … sorry? what? It’s only been going since 1930 … yes, well, I’ve only been around since 1987 but it still seems like 100 years !!!

It’ll probably be Germany in the next round anyways … what do you think about that ???

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