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It’s an indescribable feeling being an England fan and leaving the World Cup and the euphoria behind … I’ll just forward the words of Chris Waddle commentating on BBC Radio 5 Live for the game … he knows the game …

“The FA just sit on their backsides doing nothing, tournament after tournament … why don’t they listen? Why don’t they look at other countries and say “how they keep producing talent?” … we coach talent out of players … we look upon player like Wayne Rooney and Steve Gerrard who haven’t turned up for this tournament … Steven Gerard’s had a half decent tournament but where do we go? Where’s the plan B? … they say “well, we’ve got pacey wingers who can do …” … WE HAVEN’T !!! We haven’t got players who can run … and the back four can’t control it .. Can’t pass it … we lack so many ideas it’s so frustrating … the amount of money in our league is frightening and all they do is waste it on rubbish ideas … ”

So there FA … and FIFA, come on, pull your finger out and get some goal line technology in … it’s beyond ridiculous … they better have it in the Prem next season …

Vote for me to play at LoveBox 2010 if you would be so kind, thank you very much, it only takes a second …

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Matt Henshaw


2 thoughts on “Disaster … Official SWFC.co.uk World Cup blog …

  1. Imagine that English Engine with a Waddle or two? Heck he’s so right! I was crying out for a wideman or two. Where was Cole? How can Stevie G be a left wing? I just doesn’t work for me, or England it would seem. Wright-Philips should have been down the right, Cole on the left. Heskey is a big front man, but he’s not going to be very effective if he’s got no service. Oh well… can rant and rant…

    Sat at the game on Monday between the Netherlands and Slovakia. Netherlands pretty much coasted that one. Who knows, if they can get past Brazil on Friday anything is possible.


  2. A Waddle or two? Now that would be something special, more than one !!! One for each wing !!! Yeeeeeeeearp !!!

    Now’s The Time for ranting my friend … let’s hope we can get it right over the next few years … can I be honest and pessimystic at the same right here? I don’ think the future looks too bright … unless there’s some kind of mass overhaul and idiots like Dave Richards have to step away from English footy ball … because frankly … it’s about time … too much Time Wasted …


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