Can’t Hold Back teaser video uploaded … introducing The Fire Pit …

Here’s another little tease for you … this is me recording some video footage I had taken on my phone from the video shoot for Can’t Hold Back, the forthcoming single from the Matt Henshaw & ReggiiMental project The Deepest Cellar …

And as a special little treat for y’all I recorded this whilst we were listening to some playback of a demo from the next album which is going to be called The Fire Pit … just so ‘ya know … the song is called For Your Own Safety … you better call 999 … ‘cos you’ve been playing with blazin’ …

Take me down, down to The Fire Pit …

Much Love,
Matt Henshaw x

And on the PS thing.
Vote for me to play at LoveBox 2010 if you would be so kind, thank you very much, it only takes a second …

And treat yourself to a FREE DOWNLOAD of the Adidas Trainers (Stan Smith remix) …


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