Video Diary August 2010 w/ ReggiiMental, Rukus & Jamie Carragher …

So, August 2010 has been a busy one thus far, here’s a few snippets of video to let you know what we have, or haven’t been up to, honestly we do do a lot of hard work besides all this …

First off we went down to Brixton Academy on the 1st to see ReggiiMental’s uncle Dean Frazer who was playing sax for Taurus Riley at a massive reggae show with original Wailer Bunny Wailer and Capleton … a real goooooood night … and we hooked up with Skinnyman and Rtillery to talk about future collaborations and have a realy good time … you know this Mud Fam !!!

We’ve taken in the festivals that are Y-Not and Out The Box … jolly good fun … shout outs to Ian Evans, IME Music, Daisy Dares You, The Iron Door Club, The Swiines and that Rory in particular … also, caught by a couple of Dean Jackson’s roving reporters for the Beat in the East Midlands David and James, we had a little word and it was played out on the radio.

The main percentage of our time has been taken up by recording new material and posing for photo shoots, up at Baby J’s studios with the star (and soon to be TV star) that is Rukus and Kayne Clarke on the camera operations. And down in Camden with Emma Baughurst and the girls … sweet photographs all round. I’m sure you may have seen a couple … there’s plenty more to come. And we’ve a few more photo shoots lined up before the months is out.

Keep and ear to the ground for the new material … soon come featuring Chris Goring !!! Watch me watch me watch me simmi !!!

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