The World’s Gone Mad on MySpace …

Hop on over the MySpace now and listen to The World’s Gone Mad featuring Joey G-Zus and ReggiiMental …

I hope you like the new MySpace design … the whole Matt Henshaw online empire is going to undergo a major overhaul through the summer whilst I work on a few newprojects June through to September … so I hope you’ve got that … under and over we go as 2011 makes haste …

Keep on downloading the B-Boy Soul projectsiTunes, Amazon, bandcamp and Spotify will let you listen … 

Matt Henshaw

Go to my website also, and you’ll find that it’s pretty under construction from behind the scenes … in the mean time you can sign up to the mailing list if you would be so kind … someone will be in touch when things start to happen … if anything starts to happen …

So, don’t forget for now please visit and

With Love,
Stay Cool,
Bon Tutti,
Fruity Mon Frere,
Matt Henshaw 

Matt Henshaw


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