Matt Henshaw graces the cover of Suited Mag …

Go and have a look at Matt Henshaw (me!) on the cover of Suited Magazine if you don’t believe me … … … and if you do believe me and you’re not that bothered about seeing the hideous sight of me then click here to go and have a look at a video for one of my tunes that doesn’t have me in it, but it does have some very attractive scantily clad women, and a message, so pay attention … either way I love you all …

The photograph was taken by Jacqueline Bednall and it is a nice one … hopefully I’ll get some new pictures for you to look at soon … maybe some prancing around the studio pretending to work hard … foppish clothes and a dandy-ish manner are the order of the day …

Enjoy looking and/or watching … and if you decide to do neither and click one of the adverts on this page because you oh so desperately need to join GroupOn or stock up on penis enlargement products then that’s cool with me, it’ll earn me nought point nought zero of a pence … tres fantastique simplement …

Optimism Above All,
Matt H.

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