Matt Henshaw interview in Suited Magazine (Link) …

Here is an interview where I talk about me a lot … terrible I know … but if you’re reading my blog chances are you like knowing what I’m up to so I hope you enjoy the information I have to relay …

If you’d like to contact me, by the way, the best way to do it is on Twitter, or by carrier pigeon … I don’t use facebook … the cool kids and I think it’s bland and dated paedophiles paradise … I mean, I like blue and white, but only on the football shirts, and I would never endorse paedophilia … NEVER !

Anyone watching Show Me The Funny on ITV ?  (first thing on ITV worth watching in ages, and it’s still not even that good, just a touch more interesting than people that think they can sing, it’s people that think they’re funny, for a change … much less cruel you see, we’re invited to laugh with them rather than at them … someone tell Cowell and Fuller I think they’re show format is cruel, go on I dare you!) … it’s the semi-final and live final this week, I truly hope to be tickled … alas, if I am not I shall boycott their advertisers … no more Mecca Bingo for me …

Matt H


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