O2 Academy, Islington setlist …

Good morning, afternoon and evening pop pickers,

Had a rate good cracking night last night playing the 15th Annual Small Faces Convention. Always a pleasure to get together and celebrate the greats and stick on a sharp suit and some Chelsea boots. Here are the songs that I played and the order in which I played them in …

Black Coffee
My Way of Giving
The Universal
Afterglow (Of Your Love)
Donkey Rides A Penny A Glass
Tin Soldier
Every Little Bit Hurts
If You Think You’re Groovy

Bravo! What a fabulous set of songs I’m sure you’d agree. Many thanks go to John Hellier of Wapping Wharf and the guest vocal talent I shared the stage with, Miss. Mel Dayna. And two other bands I would like to express my utmost profound adoration for, and express what a bloomin’ great show they put on, Stone Foundation and the Small Fakers (who are now going out as SuperDuperGrass as well I might hasten to add)

Hasta la vista all,


PS. more updates soon, what with this pleasant sojourn down Nostalgia Way out of the way … oh, and pictures / video to follow I am sure …


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