The Victoria Inn setlist …

A very enjoyable show last night with Reggiimental, The Iron Door Club and The Young Guns. Bananas, apples, a rider and everything. And they’ve tidied up the Vic Inn a little bit too, pedestrianised the outside and new carpets on the inside – not much can be done about the occasional waft of a tangy aroma that weaves its way through the place I’m sure – it’s been a fair while since I’ve been in Derby I’m sure you can tell. And very good to be there on a day when all the sheepy people were returning home from a victory at the City Ground down Brian Clough Way in Nottingham. I have no bias as a Sheffield Wednesday fan, but it’s always better to in the company of shiny happy people, just ask Michael Stipe (or was he being ironic?) … anyway, good lovin’ in Derby city.

The Way It Is
The World’s Gone Mad
Can’t Hold Back
B-Boy Soul / The Deepest Cellar
Bonne Nuit Madame / Stand By the Window
Winter Wonderland

As you see from the short and sweet setlist there’s a couple of little mash-up things (essentially making it up as we went along, but it worked really well) … great Greenwich Village via Tamworth Beat Club type stuff. I’ll have to post you my version of The Way It Is in the style of Joan Baez some day …

Can you believe this pleases me …

… no, neither can I ! Small things though eh?

Catch you on the flipside,
Matt H.


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