The East Midlands & above …

So, you will have no doubt (should have) read from the previous blog that I’ve been driving around and about in Leicester, well, I’ve continued up and carried on from there in the last week or so hitting some of my old haunts, seeing old friends and singing the occasional tune along the way. Sheffield (home of the mighty Owls!), Nottingham (former home of Censored, remember them?), Derby (home of ReggiiMental aka Jimmy B-Boy and The Deepest Cellar) and Eastwood (birthplace of DH Lawrence) have all been graced by my presence amongst other nooks of LE, DE, NG and South Yorkshire … I hope those towns and cities of bricks and mortar enjoyed my visits as much as I did …

had to check out this young talent whilst visiting home … maybe you should too … video by the one and only Michael Holyk …

Also, my old pal Will Jeffery is still sounding raspy and beautiful as ever … appearing here with the ever wonderful Zoe Kirk …


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