Happy Birthday Brother … I can (legally) drive !

Psychedelic Salutations to you all,

October is well under way now … usually the sun cream is tucked away in the cupboard now with a blanket and it’s feet in some hot water, but not in 2011, oh no! I have sweat today more than I did throughout the entirety of July and August … thanks for asking … anyway, it’s my brother’s birthday !

He’s in Thailand … I am not … but I am celebrating in my own way. It is three years since I had a drink (of alcohol, of course, not juice … and I only mention it so it would be something to clap and cheer me for, even if you don’t like me or my music, it’s good for my self-esteem, although I don’t know why people do that … I knew a kid at school who ate crayons and sucked the ink out of ball point pens, I’ll be he hasn’t done that for twenty years but I wonder if he gets a pat on the back?) … and, also, anyway, the point is, I passed my practical driving test today … with flying colours … again, thanks for asking …

Matt Henshaw – 1
Noel Gallagher – 0

… and special mention and apologies to my best bud, former Censored drummer Chris Goring, for all those years he spent on the road a the designated driver with me in the passenger or in the back, usually ginned off my face being a general nuisance. I love you pal, and good to finally join you in the first time passers club …

(on the previous blog’s previously incurred parking fine, Leicester Council got in touch today and told me that the charge has been frozen … I will be notified of any further developments … which I will pass on to you of course as my loyal adoring(?) cyber world wide web fans … I love you all too, and hope you appreciate me taking time out from my busy(?!) schedule to inform of my daily life … (music to come … I am aware that I have gone quiet on that front in the blog-o-sphere … it’s because I want to get everything right before I unleash anything on the unsuspecting world, and, of course I have minor inconveniences on the agenda such as parking penalty charge notices, driving tests and wishing siblings on the other side of the world a “happy birthday” … bear with me) …

Bit of a rant this one isn’t it … “nice blogging!” I hear you cryif you like your Matt Henshaw rants to be contained to 140 characters or less then follow me on Twitter … but beware of much football related ranting … “and it’s oh Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield Wendesday FC, are by far the greatest team the world have ever seen”


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