‘My Week’ by Matt Henshaw (2/10/11-8/10/11)

Passed my driving test !

Saw Sheffield Wednesday lurch up the second in League 1 (I still think that makes it sound half OK, like “league one” means the top division)

Wished my brother a happy birthday on the other side of the world
(he’s in Bangkok and all he wants is a nice cup of tea … but apparently his Mrs. was going to get him a lady boy for his birthday!)

Played poker with the boys … won … obviously … the prize? Dinner bought for on the following night as we went out and watch England draw in spectacular style in a European Qualifier against Montenegro … (for my North American readers – I know you’re out there – a draw is when both teams have the same number of goals/points at the end of a game, and we consider this OK) …

Today … did a couple of talks at the University of Leicester about how going to University after you’re twenty one is a good idea ie. as a mature student ie. an old codger (I am considered old and mature in certain facets of society … as my mate Mark said “when I first met you and you was wearing a dressing gown, slippers and sipping a cup of tea I thought you was going to be posh … but it turns out you’re just a little old man” … the best review I’ve ever had!!!)

NOW?! Hibernation, reading, Ealing Comedies … and my next two musical projects are taking shape nicely.

Sit tight for a Ringo Starr style headshot et cheesy grin… peace and love, Peace & Love

#nowplaying Marvin Gaye, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Miles Kane, Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian and Lee Perry …
buy my records <— subliminal advertising !


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