My driving (mis)adventures …

Remember these previous blogs … I passed my driving test at the start of the monthand I got a parking fine (before I’d even passed my test)

Well, I been posted up on my fabulous driving instructor’s websitethanks for taking a snap Richard, looking positively rock’n’roll as usual for having passed my driving test on a Monday lunchtime … and folks, if you’re in the East Midlands and you need quality driving instruction and someone who will help you into the first time passers club … scroll down for me, I’m at the bottom

And yes, finally, I received message from Leicester City Council … the fine has been cancelled and we can all rejoice and return to our carefree lifestyle … (although LCC did contradict themselves in the letter that said when loading and unloading you should park ON the kerb, and then later in the letter it says leave the pavement clear so as to not obstruct wheelchairs and prams, but we all know it’s illegal to park on kerbs anyways, right?)

Watch this !

That’s The Way God Planned It,
see you later x


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