The Xmas Mod Ball with Geno Washington …

What a splendid evening, I got up and did my thing, but enough about me …

Geno! Geno! Geno! What a performer, coming on looking like Othello, aged 68, quoting Shakespeare and singing like a proper bona-fide soul brother #1 ! His set was like a soul compilation CD I made back in the day – before mp3 players, but after cassettes – classic after classic and he didn’t come up for air, just down with the soul and funk and more ‘tween song witticism than any performer I’ve seen …

Love to the Small Fakers and Melanie Dayna and John Hellier and all who enjoyed also …

So, boxed ticked, played the legendary 100 Club … seen the equally as legendary Geno Washington and shook his hand … sorry, no pics … they may follow, keep it locked on MattHenshaw11 – the blog that’s 11 times as good as any other, or maybe you should read it eleven time-a-day to digest it properly because it’s so erudite and literate – or maybe someday I’ll tell you the true story of the number 11 … I’ll save that for a particularly slow news day …

I needs to get me one of them smart phones dun’I …

PEACE and Merry Chrimbo all the same ! x

Matt Henshaw


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