Premier League XIs / 11s / elevens …

A slight diversion in the trail of my blogs of late … had a raging debate earlier with a flatmate (resisting the urge to use the phrase “mass debate” in this blog terribly so) about football players and who would go in your choice starting elevens … I’ll probably split up the categories over a number of blogs in the hope that it may start a further online debate … one might say a lovely viral mass debate … oops! Ask your facebook friends and post on Twitter … feed me back some info … ’tis all I want for Christmas …

So, the topic that brought about the conversation … we first discussed the best Premier League XI … the choices were … Machester United’s treble winning side of 1999 … Arsenal’s unbeatable invincibles … Chelsea under Mourinho … or the current crop of chaps turning out for Manchester City …

Hint, Hint – my choice ^^^ …

Now, of course we may be a little premature with the current Manchester City team (I didn’t pick the options, it was all the dirty Leeds that I share a kitchen and a bathroom with!) but just go with it and see who you reckon … and it’s a different age what with more regular squad rotation etc. … surely no-one believes David May would get into City’s current second XI … so think of it as on the day, storngest side, first XI, no injuries, fully fit and ready for war … and seeing as it’s an English thing we’ll say it’s to be played on a rainy day in South Yorkshire … Hillsborough perhaps … fetch the canoe !

Manchester United’s treble winners
Arsenal Invincibles
Mourinho’s Chelsea
Manchester City’s current team

Think on and I’ll be back with more …


2 thoughts on “Premier League XIs / 11s / elevens …

  1. It's a tricky one really, because each team has merits that the others don't have, and I'm finding myself making decisions that don't apply to other teams. The Man Utd treble team achieved the most, but on a purely man to man basis, Man City actually have the best squad in the world, let alone that list (before any Barcelona apologists come moaning, I said best squad, not best team). I'd also argue that both Arsenal's Invincibles and Mourinho's Chelsea have better squads than the treble team on a man to man basis. What the other teams don't/didn't have, was the team chemistry of Man Utd at that time, so that's important as well. On the basis of managers, Mourinho wins this one. Alex Ferguson will always be a legend, but he never won a league title whilst Mourinho was in charge. Remember, in his second season, Chelsea broke almost every single major premier league record. Least goals conceded, most points acquired, biggest gap between 1st/2nd etc, and because of how much more physical and compact they were, I'd actualy take a punt on their chances in a mini-cup competition between them all. What the Arsenal team wins on by a country mile, was style (obviously). At that point, Wengers dream was realised – Beautiful football, with the guts to get the job done when needed.So, tricky. But if you asked which of those four I'd bet money against a full strength Barcelona side though, I'd take Chelsea (and I know that sounds biased but what you gonna do), simply because I'm not counting how much a team won in that period. In that period, Chelsea beat Barca 4-2, and that Barca side have almost the same style of play as this new one (just swap Villa for Eto'o and Messi for Ronaldinho). I would have taken City, but they're untested in the Champions League and I don't think Mancini is a particularly stand-out manager. So there you go.


  2. From what I've gathered, the winning team would have Man Utd's team spirit, play Arsenal's beautiful football, Mourinho in charge with City's squad to back it up … and then they'd beat Barcelona wether they've got Romario, Stoichkov, Ronaldhino, Eto'o, Messi or Villa up front … nice !Personally, I opted to for Arsenal over Mourinho's Chelsea (strong bastards!) because they played football exactly how it should be played and how Wenger has wet dreams over it being played … even though I hated Martin Keown at the time I can see the merit in the solid side they put out week upon week … and Bergkamp and Henry … phwoar !


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