A Little Musical Update … plus bonus Christmas Dinner blog …

Even though my recent football blogs have proved to be my most popular ever … even more so than the picture of me and my mate Will Young and the week I passed my driving test (it pleases me no end that you’re so interested and supportive!) … I thought I’d return today to the reason I presume you’re all here in the first place, and certainly why I set up this blog in the first place: to inform and update you with my musical adventures … I’ve been quite busy of late in my secret identity, getting things done and certain things written … so, new paragraph …

I’ve written four new songs this week. The first of which is quite possibly one of the worst things I’ve ever written and sang out loud, although only to myself, called ‘A Domino Effect’, it actually had the rhyme of “moon” and “June” … terrible, you’ll never hear it … but the other three are quite a different story entirely … three of my favourite songs I’ve ever written, even though perhaps you always feel that way when you first write them, I really feel like they’re some of the best things I’ve ever written and sang aloud, and this time to people who agree. Of late I have been listening to a lot of Sam Cook (obviously!), Juliette Gréco and Serge Gainsbourg, and watching a lot of soppy films but I won’t go into what they are (I might reveal all of my real influences one day!) … you will hear them, eventually. I am heading to my mate ReggiiMental‘s basement studio (The Deepest Cellar) tomorrow to lay down some acoustic demos, and to catch up and that, it’s been a while.

A quick update on ‘Living with a Dirty Leeds Fan’ … we had a Christmas dinner tonight which was lovely, everyone contributing, plenty of sprouts, potatoes, cabbage and of course a big cooked bird plus some pigs in blankets and a gammon shank … because one load of meat is just not enough, and even though I’ve flirted with it, I’m not sure vegetarianism could be a serious consideration within my current lifestyle … I already don’t drink, and people think that’s eccentric enough … … furthermore to the tale, his date went well, she did indeed enjoy here milkshake, laugh at his terrible jokes and play with her hair ! That boy talks some serious Phil Babb-le, and can’t help but use awful football puns …

We even had Christmas crackers complete with Christmas hats …

Bye for now,
Matt H x

PS. GOTF (Guffaw on the Floor) should be the new LMAO …

PPS. don’t make me wait for my food …


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