Premier League XIs / elevens / 11s (continued) (cont.) post-millennium …

A continuation now of my seemingly popular football blogging … the discussion / debate rages on the best Premier League side since its inception in 1992 (when Sky “invented football” according to the dirty Leeds fan) … we turn our attention to a hand picked selection of players that you might pick to beat any other eleven … think on …

Did anyone watch any of them FA YouTube videos were current and former players picked their best all-time 5-a-side team … horrendous, I can’t believe the FA would publish them … was it purely to prove how thick footballers really are??? Ashley Young, for example, picked a team of 6 players (for a 5-a-side team), all current England players (of all-time Ashley, seriously?) and included himself (again, seriously?) … anyway, we thought we’d have a crack at picking our top 11 players that have graced the English Premier League since the Millennium Bug didn’t destroy us all …

So, without any Sheffield Wednesday players to distract me, or bias my selection (oh that will be to come, think on) … I picked my team from the cream of the crop and thought they were quite good, what do you think? Who would you pick?? Who would you drop???

GK – Edwin Van Der Sar
RB – Gary Neville
LB – Ashley Cole
CB – Jaap Stam
CB – Roberto Carvalho
DM – Michael Essien
AM – Frank Lampard / Steve Gerrard
RW – Christiano Ronaldo
LW – Thierry Henry
SS – Wayne Rooney
CF – Didier Drogba

As you can see, I haven’t ventured too far away from the big 4, not at all in fact, which players from outside the top 4 would make it into your first eleven?? JJ Okocha?

Also, if pushed I would go for Frank Lampard in the Lampard / Gerrard debate but I copped out and stuck them both in there … who would you pick?

And you can still vote on your best Premiership XI here … Mourinho’s Chelsea winning so far …

Best all-time Premiership side ???
 Manchester United treble winners
 Arsenal Invincibles
 Mourinho’s Chelsea
 Current Machester City team free polls 


6 thoughts on “Premier League XIs / elevens / 11s (continued) (cont.) post-millennium …

  1. Post-Millennium chaps … Cantona is a no go. And Ginola, Zola and Shearer's best days may have been behind them … and Adams too …Makelele is a definite option for defensive midfield … but I opted for Essien, a bit more height and power … and he is the greatest Ghanaian of all-time …My formation would essentially be 4-1-free roles all-round … "just go out and play lads" …


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