Matt Henshaw – It Ain’t Easy & Interview Live on TCRFM …

Finally got it sorted for you all, and here is a sneak preview snippet of me chatting away like a old time Parkinson interviewee and a first listen to a brand new song from the set of songs I have been cultivating quietly in darkest corners on the East Midlands and the South East.

Don’t worry folks, that’s not a cover of an upcoming album, just a mock up that someone made from a quip I made when on the show about all my tunes being “Sad Songs & Gospel Ditties”, so I suppose that’ll be the name of the bootleg from now on, and possible subsequent bootlegs from now on, volumes 1, 2, 3, etc. Just a thought, but, I need some more shows and sessions for twenty-twelve … leave it with me.

So, I hope you enjoyed that six minutes or so of witter and music … plenty more of that to come, if you like it. And promise to buy the real thing when there’s strings and a choir and an organ on there and not just plucky little me and an acoustic guitar. Also, I hope you enjoyed that brief insight into the early life of my former outfit Censored … there was a little more speak of Chris Goring during the interview and a couple of requests for old Censored numbers that I duly agreed to play, because I am nice like that … this snippet is from an hour into the two hour live session that features tracks from other artists and loads of your usually radio banter …

Also, and this truly is one last thing, if you’re doing a session in radio land, you should probably prepare a few things to play and do it all professionally, rather than going on the hop knowing that the DJ is a friend who knows most of your back catalogue and will pick songs at random for you to play including a whole bunch that no-one has heard before. So there is lots on there you won’t have heard before … I’ll look forward to playing you these songs over the next year or so (and if you’re really nice to me – in stadiums around the world in a few years time) …

With Love,
Matt Henshaw x


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