My Mum turned 50 this weekend …

Sorry for the lack of updates through 2012 … my alter-ego is working so hard that I am distracted, purposefully I have to say, from writing up my Adventures in the world wide Wonderland.

As the title of the blog says, my mum did indeed turn 50 this weekend. Everyone is getting older, even as a fan of history, evolution and time itself, I find this strange, confusing and surreal. Just thought I’d fill you in on that thought. Anyone else agree?

Anyways, don’t worry about it. We’ll all find the path meant to be tread. And I shouldn’t be worried, Peter Pan right? Not in a Michael Jackson kind of way … here’s my homage to deep focus, film noir and looking young …

With Love,
Matt Henshaw x

PS. I must let you know I was given DJ duties for the night and having a load of 50-60 year olds dancing to The Prodigy’s ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ and Basement Jaxx’s ‘Red Alert’ and 4 in the morning is quite satisfying …


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