Hard at work in the studio …

If you’re following me on Twitter you’d know by now how hard I’ve been working this month putting together some wonderful sounding recordings. Lugging guitars and all sorts around the fine (and sometimes not so fine!) London Underground … questions? Why do some people just smell?? And why do they insist on such close proximity??? Also, if the sign says “trains every 3-6 minutes” then why does the screen say “next train 8 minutes” ?!??

Anyways, here’s a picture of me tinkering on the piano … piano? That’s right, Messr. Henshaw ie. me is playing almost all of the instruments (so apologies in advance if the standard is a bit shaky, if you get to hear ’em that is, session musicians might just arrive like the cavalry any minute now and play all over my nonsense) … vocals, guitar, piano, bass, string arrangements, percussion and song-writing duties all fall at my feet …

Until next time x


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