In the Land of Summer Sun …

Matthew Henshaw 1st Class BA (Hons.) Esq. here … sounds nice doesn’t it??

I haven’t blogged all month … been busy on the Twitter though, you probably should be following me on there, if you’re on there that is, or Facebook I suppose, everyone’s on there right? … except me …

What to tell? I’ve been busy writing and recording this month. It’s all going in a pot and I’ll be serving something or another up when the time is right. Like Toots said let the “pressure drop” we aren’t using a pressure cooker here, like Louis Armstrong said “we have all the time in the world”.

Stay Cool Cats & Pigeons,
Matt Henshaw x

PS. here’s me, do you think the Leicester sunsheeeiiiine has treated me well …


3 thoughts on “In the Land of Summer Sun …

  1. Thanks folks!Two of my most loyal supporters right there I'm sure.Actually graduated today, so that's officially that with the University of Leicester.Johnny, Johnny Boy, you're such a jolly boy !I might have been sure it would have been that one Rob, I haven't heard it for so long, and the video I had all but forgotten about! Nice One !Good memories … plenty more where that came from, stay tuned, and hopefully I'll have my new website up and running this summer,packed full of memories, and new stuff of course, and just general all round goodness …Apologies to you both, and anyone else who bothers to read the comments bits on my blog (you're my favourite people in the world, by the way!) I've been busy with the arbitrary and mundane of life of late … well, for most people it would be mundane, but when you're Matt Henshaw you can find excitement on every turn! So, I'm having a good one, and I hope you are too …Speak Soon!Matt Henshaw x


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