Finally got my scanner working …

After an afternoon of many cups of Yorkshire Tea, perspiration and mumbled expletives I finally got my old printer / scanner / copier thing working, I knew it was broken, just a few hours troubleshooting and frustration were in order …

So here’s the first image for you to enjoy from the Matt Henshaw Archive … nothing exciting, and no rhyme or reason behind why this is the one, just a setlist times sheet I pulled out of the pile from a show in Islington, North London from 2010 with my good man ReggiiMental …

Not even the whole document or lined up properly !!

I’ll get it all sorted in good time and you’ll be able to do the Matt Henshaw story from start to finish … from Censored through Rusty Jukebox and forever catching up with the present day that is moving faster than ever …

Keep on keepin’ on and all my lovin’,
Matt Henshaw x


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