August here again … (a quick update) …

Howdy folks,

Hope you’re enjoying your Jubilee, Euro, Olympic Summer … plenty to do, plenty to keep busy with and I’m hoping every action you take is altruistic and brings happiness to everyone especially those around you …

So, what do you want to know from me? Working on the website at present, and an archive of Matt Henshaw artistic materials from 2002 onwards … I’ve done an awful lot of stuff … hard to believe that I’ve been recording myself or writing stuff or drawing things for over ten years … what shall I share with you all ?? Well, there’s around 50 odd Matt Henshaw & ReggiiMental tracks that have never emerged from The Deepest Cellar (we wasn’t just drinking tea down there you know, lots of writing and plenty of vocal takes!) … and there’s plenty of features from the likes of Joey G-Zus, Chris Goring, Devas, Saynt Luke, TLG, Unfriendly Neighbours, BiggaMan, Flava Dan, Syndrome, Emma-Louise, Banana Klan and many more …


See you soon with a new

All my lovin’,
Matt Henshaw x


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