Recording Coming Around …

Good afternoon folks, followers & fantasists,

It’s been a short while since my last blog so I thought I’d write one about recording the album. It began in January following the release of the ever innocent ReggiiMental aka. Jimmy B-Boy from HMP for misdemeanours I shall neglect to mention. I went to see my partner in crime [sic] for an afternoon of Yorkshire Tea, LEGO and Ribena … his creative spirit undamaged we proceeded to record new music with a sense of urgency and feeling of optimism I hadn’t had for some time. The new album features 15 songs, so many for such a short space of time, recorded over two months, and my parts written and recorded in perhaps two weeks. I can’t wait for you to hear the thing in full, the artwork is pretty snazzy too, and I hope you like the whole package, a lot of love has gone into it. My friends and earthbound spirits, I truly hope it tickles your fancy …

For now have a listen to the two tracks previewed over on bandcamp … why not pre-order?!

And here’s a picture of me taking a break from mixing in March with a furry little friend I found hanging around the studio.


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