Coming Around the Artwork …

Here’s a picture of the Coming Around album artwork by IllustrationDesignLife. Doing a grand job of making all my social networks look pretty snazzy … I’m sure you’ve checked this blog, the twitter, bandcamp, YouTube and all of them … nice, yeah?

And here’s the back cover … you better learn all them there track names, you’ll be listening to them and talking about them with all your friends for the next 12-24 months …

PS. furthermore, and as aside from this blog post … IllustrationDesignLife has challenged me to a tumblr. race … I’m not to avec tumblr. so you might have to go over there and follow me and throw me a few pointers … Matt Henshaw on tumblr.

PPS. Thanks Charlie, Kelly, Abbie, Dani, Deppy, Mary and Charlotte … Happy Tumbling … thanks for the artistic inspiration, sorry for being a burden and cheers for the hot beverages !

PPPS. don’t forget to watch the new video for Gimme Some More on a loop …


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