The Brown Lion in Birmingham tonight …

Evening friends,

Just about to head out the door to Birmingham, going over to the Brown Lion for an acoustic show accompanied by Muthafunk saxophonist Lukasz. Looking forward to it. Should be a real good show. Gonna be doing some Satsuma Elephants stuff, some B-Boy Soul and a few soul numbers you’ll probably know and love, and if you don’t know and love soul music then I’ve no idea what you’re doing here !

Hayfever is a bit of an annoyance, any got it? Send me some tips on how to stop sneezing between writing every sentence of my blog. That would be most helpful !

Here’s an acoustic number recorded a few weeks back in the living room of a big fan … I wasn’t allowed through the door without my acoustic guitar and a willingness to sing Can’t Hold Back ! Good times nonetheless. You’re all beautiful, and if you ever want me to come and play in your living room I probably will, for food and petrol money. I’m easy like Lionel Richie.


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