The Actress & Bishop, Birmingham setlist … Introducing BuBill …

Afternoon, and what a beauty,

Moving house, same postcode, all the fun of the fair ! New cat in town and some stories from the West Midlands to tell … let’s get that out the way first shall we …

Here’s the songs I played last night in Brum with MuthaFunk …
We Want The Funk
I’ve Had Tears
(If You Think You’re) Groovy
It Ain’t Easy
25 Miles

… and Phil the King Funk King did some fantastic vocals on Stevie Wonder’s Higher Ground ! Love it ! Love him ! Love you all !!!

And so now for the biggest news of all … wanna see a pic of the new member of the Henshaw clan, of the feline variety … his name is BuBill, after Bill Hicks’ bit about smokers and non-smokers, and he already has a cut behind his ear from scrapping with the Leicestershire Alley Cat Alliance (I think that’s what they’re calling themselves!) …

… please excuse my pajimjams and messy hairdo … I’m just chilling with the cat gulping down some leche …

And here’s a remix of Never Know from the Coming Around album … try it yourself … here’s all you’ll need …

… thanks Many Elephants soundsystem of Nottinghamshire !

Peace & Love children and men,
Matt Henshaw x


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