Y-Not Festival & solo shows ! + Birthday Reminder …

Wow, what a busy weekend and days filled with new and familiar faces. Thanks everyone and anyone who makes these things possible.

I’ll be brief, I’m doingan acoustic show @ the Vic Inn in Derby on Sunday, then a private festival on Monday, then back in Leicester for a couple of shows later next week … in between I’ll be taking a road trip to Swansea … wherever I lay my hat … that’s my home … just as a heads up, if anyone wants to provide me with tea bags and a sofa bed to come and play a show (petrol money helps too) I’m There !

Here’s me before last night’s show @ The Exchange in Leicester, great crowd, building it up a little on the acoustic scene round here, it feels good, meeting a lot of great people, I hope everyone stays with me on this journey to wherever it is we’re going 🙂

And heaven forbid you should forget my birthday party coming up …


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