Matt Henshaw Recommends …

Monday Morning here again,

Good day folks, here’s my plan for another feature on this here Matt Henshaw blog – Matt Henshaw Recommends … I’ve done this in the past and done my bit to project the careers of my musical contemporaries into the stratosphere, or there abouts, my guiding hand of recommendation has pointed a few people in the direction of Dog Is Dead, Jake Bugg, Twisted Wheel and George Moran, now playing guitar with Miles Kane. It’s a lonely old life being a singer-songwriter so when you come across other musicians who are like-minded, a pleasure to spend time with or just bloody good at what they do it’s always nice to share a little love for them in cyber space and spread the love.

Stay tuned for some recommendations, or conversely if you think I should know about someone or write about someone up here, let me know … all the usual outlets …, facebook, twitter, youtube … it’s all good …

Matt Henshaw


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