Henshaw’s Horticultural Blog: The Major Oak …

Good Afternoon / Good Evening fellows,

Back to life, and back with the beauty of this world, for some inexplicable reason or another I entered my two pennies in the ring over on facebook last, and today for another inexplicable reason I ave driven around some lovely parts of Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire, and I thought I’d share my little friend in my garden …

… Ladies & Gentlemen, the new Major Oak !

Don’t worry Forestry Commission, or get your proverbial knickers in a twist, I didn’t pinch this little fella from the roadside. He sprouted from a pot alongside my whiteberry bush, so I rescue him, separated him, nursed him to health and now I’m happy to say he’s sprouted some lovely green oak leaves !

Here’s my ode to Nottingham – ‘Play The Game’ – available now on my EP

Yesterday, I did a bit of Dr Botany work, rescuing some of Mia and the Moon’s Laura Ann Ratcliffe’s daffodils … have a read of my recommendation of their beautiful music … FYI daffodil pictured was saved from the roadside, Laura’s daffodil were bigger, deader, and more of a collective in a tiny little pot with some moss, hence the big washing up bowl … not pictured, Laura and her soup ladle that we used to go and pinch some soil from Bede Park …

Peace, Love & Tea, MHx


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