Matt Henshaw’s Acoustic Rhythm & Gospel Cavalcade Part II @ The Cookie, Leicester

One week away and I’m hosting my second night at The Cookie Jar in Leicester, very excited I am too, we’re going for it on the third Friday of the month, every month, until Christmas, and maybe beyond !

This month I’m hosting a bevvy of beautiful ladies, a harem as such, but this is more by accident than design, but what a happy accident ! So for your pleasure, and mine as well, we have …

Kate Rendell

Becky Edwards

Emily Carr

… and myself of course, trying really hard to follow my very own Supremes ! I need to really up my Marvin Gaye A-Game !! See you then Leicester folk !!

Here’s me and James Byron sharing some love last time around … this picture pretty much sums up the good feeling in the air for a solid 5 hours of great music and positives vibrations !!

Spread The Love ! MHx


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