Matt Henshaw Sings … ‘Blackbird’ by The Beatles & Sir Paul McCartney

As with many things on current social media, viral videos and nominations seems to be the order of the day, so earlier this week I was nominated to sing a cover, record a video and upload it to my Facebook, I did it, quite enjoyed and I hope a lot of you did too …

Here’s my version of one of Paul McCartney’s finest acoustic numbers, ‘Blackbird’ from The Beatles “White Album” …

This has given me a new idea for a blog, ‘Matt Henshaw Sings …’, every week or so I might just treat you to a favourite song of mine that I like to sing in the home or on the road, stay tuned and be sure to watch, listen, follow, share, like, comment and just generally keep on keeping on and Spread The Love !!

Thanks to Lee Spencer !

And I’m sure you can see the inspiration from The Beatles “White Album” in my own sleeve …


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