Support The Release Of My Next EP !!

Please and thank you everybody … you may have seen that I’ve been sharing a little link around recently, Thunderclap ‘Always In The Way’ EP Release !

Basically, all I need you to do is click the link and doe as it says … use one of more of your social networks, either Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr to support the release of my EP when the time comes …

It’s exactly one month away now until the release on Monday 16th June … so if you’ve get me up to at least 100 supporters that would be golden … I’d love to reach further into the hundreds, maybe 1000, but that’s a big ask … anyways, I hope you’ll help and share with a friend of a friend …

Artwork by Charlie Evans Design x

#TheWayItIs is on it’s way, but for now here’s the first taster of the record – Goodnight.

Spread The Love, MHx


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