Today I’m Looking for Help !

Today I’m treating you to something that I like, and asking you all for Help! Today’s the day you really can help …

First off, you must click this link and support my next EP … I need at least 100 people to get the explosion of free promotion that I hope you feel I deserve upon the day of release for my second completely self-funded EP – ‘Always In The Way’ – OUT Monday 16th June !!!

I’m also doing two launch parties, one in London and one in Leicester the week of release !! Come and join me and get yourself a physical copy …
Vibe Bar, Brick Lane, London, E1
The Cookie, High Street, Leicester, LE1

And, if someone can tell me what what the flower is in this picture I would be eternally grateful, and probably share some of my homegrown produce with you …

Aaaaaaaaaand, if you’re in Leicester and you like cricket, who wants to come and play this summer on Victoria Park … and who would like to go down Grace Road sometime and watch Leicestershire County Cricket Club, better still, who can hook me up with some free tickets ???

Peace, Love & Tea, MHx


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