Tea and Toast with Matt Henshaw & Stu Crown … Podcast Episode 001


Good afternoon friends, family, fans and loved ones,

Here’s something new for you all, and it was pretty off the cuff. Me and my friend, Stu Crown of The Bobcats, decided to get together in his flat and record a podcast for you all. We’re giving it you for nothing, as it’s just what we’d normally do of an afternoon anyway, sit, talk, drink tea, and eat biscuits. It’s nothing special, not yet anyways, but the feedback we’ve had so far has been great overnight. So, it’s something we plan to keep on doing, keep your eyes and ears open.

Here’s Stu himself presiding over the knobs and the technical side of things, I’m sat opposite him trying to think of witty thing to say about Paul Lambert, tea and the Leicester Music Scene …

There should be one coming up next week, with a special guest too, and we’re hoping to bring you some natter every week from now on.
And it should be on iTunes in a week or so, so you can download and listen at your convenience.



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