Henshaw’s Horticultural Blog: Grow Your Own Celery from scraps …

Matt Henshaw celery instagram

Merry Christmas Everybody ! I know this is not you usual xmas picture, but it is a time for sharing, and seeing as we haven’t had a horticultural update for a while, as most of my little green friends are living in my little greenhouse, here’s a simple all year round kind of gardening saving grace …

Grow Your Own Celery from your scraps, simple as saving the end bit of you celery stork and plonking it in some water then watching the miracle of life continue day by day … I trim it back on a daily basis and add to my green juices, that way the sticks grow thicker, stronger, quicker and you’ll have some tasty, crunchy green celery on your hands in no time !!

Studio work this week and my last 3 shows of 2014 !!

Peace, Love & Tea, MHx

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