Award Winning, Radio Playing, Homecoming Showing Peace, Love & Tea with Matt Henshaw

Matt Henshaw Midlands Music Award

Goooooooooooood Morning !! This afternoon I’m on the radio, the FM airwaves in Birmingham again, this time Switch Radio​ at noon to collect this beautiful piece of glass for “Best Independent Male Singer/Songwriter in the Midlands” … the award ceremony itself was a little like graduating from university, you wait for ages to go up and you don’t really get anything aside from a handshake on the stage … but this was worth the wait … not that graduating university wasn’t … or was it ?!

I can’t believe that anyone, or any group of people would think I’m anything like the “Best Man in the Midlands” – that’s about it, right? – apart from my Mrs … and even then I’m sure I finish a distant 2nd to the Graham, the man at the greengrocers on our Road​ !!

Most exciting this weekend is my homecoming of all homecoming’s @ The Nottingham Contemporary​, I can’t wait ! Speak Soon xxx


Peace, Love & Tea​, MHx


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