Charity Football Match This Saturday !!

Mornin’ Everybody !! Hope you’ve all had a great Bank Holiday Weekend & Star Wars​ Day !

For the last week or so I’ve been in training, or should I say, torturing myself to see how unfit I really am, for this charity football match I am playing in on Saturday … essentially running around the park at the end of my road a few times … trying (& failing) to avoid cheese & biscuits …

Awareness for Autism​ Charity​ Football​ Match
Meadow Lane Stadium​, Notts County Football Club​
Saturday 9th May, 1pm

I’ll be playing alongside the likes of lots of people from off of the tele, from Emmerdale​, Hollyoaks​, This is England​, This is England ’88​, This is England ’86​, Suzanne Shaw​, Have I Got News for You​, etc. etc. and some ex-pros, classic “celebrity” football type behaviour, and I’m joining the ranks 😀
Should be a good laugh and all for a good cause !!

You can get tickets by calling 07855 538992 …
or visiting

Peace, Love & Tea​,
Matt Henshaw​ x



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