Melody maestro Matt Henshaw is a music machine. Playing 500 shows in little over 18 months through 7 different countries. His hard work, honest songwriting and voice that has been compared to some of soul music’s greats has granted him huge respect on the independent music scene and he has developed a following all over the world.

In just 2 years the highly prolific award winning singer-songwriter has released 3 EPs, a remix collection, a demo collection and, most recently, the indie chart success ‘Easier’.

2016 brings new music and a bigger sound. ‘Belief Is All’ will be available from Friday 13th May and sees Henshaw deliver ear catching hooks over a darker sound and with deeper lyrical content.

#PeaceLoveAndTea #2016 #BeliefIsAll

Matt Henshaw. Singer. Songwriter. Musician. Artist. “Sublime” – The Guardian

Matt Henshaw


Matt Henshaw’s biography is already complex at the age of 27, which gives his song-writing a depth and maturity that could only have come with experience; suffering for his art and travelling a journey that has shaped and honed his skills – and it shows. Having paid his dues, he is still on his way up … and the best is yet to come.

This soul-loving, tea-drinking gardener is a singer/songwriter of some repute from the Midlands since quitting his day job has there by storm. His penchant for acoustic sets and original songs showcases his love of guitar and vocal – based soul & blues, demonstrating his influences of Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, Steve Marriott and Sam Cooke, and earning him the description of ‘an old soul in a young body’. He has named his unique sound Acoustic Rhythm and Gospel, creating a new music genre and inspiring his audiences to follow the man and his music. Widely respected by his peers and well known to the gig-going audiences in the Midlands, he is now travelling the length and breadth of the UK and the world looking to broaden his appeal, continue the journey that has taken him this far, make his mark on the national and international music scenes, and see where the ride takes him.

Matt Henshaw

His recent decision to tour the UK and Europe as a solo artist, stripping back his unique sound to just an acoustic guitar and his superbly mellifluous voice, has already generated much interest and he can be found most evenings on a stage doing what he was born to do, guitar in hand, working his particular brand of magic; his beautiful soulful voice and ethereal guitar weaving a spell over a gathering with self-penned songs so resonant with emotion and meaning they would cause an angel to weep, leaving his audience spellbound and wanting more. In just one year this rapidly growing interest has strengthened his resolve, and his web-based activities on popular social networking sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter growing his following to promote himself and his music are now paying dividends, with fans across the globe wanting more.

His superlative voice and stage presence has already won him critical acclaim from respected publications such as the NME and The Guardian; he has been featured on BBC Introducing numerous times, appears regularly on independent radio stations around the world. Whether generating gentile acoustic hertfelt earworms or psychedelic rock with soulful undertones; his thus far independent releases have been an eclectic mix which demonstrates how successfully he can slip from genre to genre, and even create new ones, without losing integrity and which showcases his appeal to his many appreciative fans.

Matt Henshaw
“Sublime … a blue-eyed soul voice that’s up there with the best of them” – Paul Lester, The Guardian”Just Perfect … a prolific songwriter” – Dean Jackson, BBC”Genius” – Luke Holland, The Guardian”The Missing Link!” Jaime Hodgson, NME, I-D, The Observer

“It’s easy to see why he is getting gigs across the country and over in Europe, just listen to the songs, Matt Henshaw has the potential to be as big as Ed Sheeran!” – Phil Patterson, Music Sector Specialist, UKTI

“In comes Henshaw’s soulboy vocals and suddenly you’ve got a big ass shaking block party on your hands” – Gill Mills, Amazing Radio

“Amazing singer-songwriter, great songs one after the other” – Demon FM

“Soulful with a growing fanbase” – The Leicester Mercury

“There is only one Matt Henshaw… only one, brilliantly talented, trend setting, soul saving, Matt Henshaw!” – The Guy With A Stick

 Matt Henshaw

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